'A Star Is Born' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Submitted as Dramas NOT Musicals for Golden Globes Consideration

Warner Bros.’ "A Star is Born" is, by all accounts, a musically-driven film that, truth be told, belongs in the "musical" category at the Golden Globes. Ditto 20th Century Fox’s by-the-books "Bohemian Rhapsody," which features an incredible performance from Rami Malek, the latter recounts the ups and downs of the band Queen. 

So what's the deal with both films being submitted as dramas for the 2019 Golden Globe awards? Calculated strategy, of course. Especially when it comes to 'Star,' the Bradley Cooper-directed film is going to be a major player at the Globes and Oscars, Warner doesn't want it to be seen as a 'light' musically-driven picture, they want it to be seen as a meaty statement, which, of course, it isn't. It's a remake of a remake of a remake, which, by all accounts, pulls the same strings as its predecessors. Think of it as an updated, modern-day version of the 1974 Kris Kristofferson/Barbara Streisand version, which also takes place in the country music world. Cooper's version is slightly better, but not by all that much. 

Anne Thompson broke this story yesterday and it's gotten pundits scratching their heads. But I don't really think there's much to be confused about here -- being relegated to the 'musical' category is a downgrade in terms of how your film may be perceived at the Oscars. There's a lot of fluff in that category, no need to be part of that crowd, especially when  'Star' has a shot at winning the Drama category.