Bruno Ganz, Known for “Downfall” and “Wings of Desire," Dead at 77

Bruno Ganz has passed on at the age 77. 

Wim Wenders kickstarted Ganz’ career with the critically acclaimed “The American Friend” in 1977 and then solidified that inimitable German ennui with “Wings of Desire” in 1987. However, millennials will forever recognize him as the guy that played Adolf Hitler in Oliver Hirschbiegel‘s “Downfall,” which will live in infamy on YouTube because of those thousands of mock videos. But it also is the definitive cinematic portrayal of Adolf Hitler. No doubt about it. Oh, and how about his turn in Werner Herzog’s “Nosferatu the Vampyre”? The guy was a sheer delight to behold.

He most recently appeared in Lars von Trier’s “The House that Jack Built.” Other credits of his include “The Reader” and “Unknown” Ganz is costarring in Terrence Malick‘s “Radegund,” which may or may not be released this year. Who knows.