Val Kilmer's horrible voice dub in “The Snowman"

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Val Kilmer briefly appeared in Tomas Alfredson's infamously awful "The Snowman," arguably the worst film of the last few years. Not only was the film BAD but, adding insult to injury, Kilmer's voice was dubbed in the most obvious and terrible way. Who could seriously approve this?

The overdub was due to Kilmer's throat cancer surgery, which left his vocal chords in a totally demolished state.  Kilmer even confirmed, in a Reddit AMA five months ago, that following "a healing of cancer," he had a swollen tongue which made his voice sound... peculiar.

In our review for "The Snowman" this is what was said of Kilmer's performance:

"The most baffling element in front of the camera is Val Kilmer. It's hard to describe what exactly he is doing. You just have to see it to believe it. It's the weirdest performance I've seen in ages." Kilmer also confirmed that he's suiting up for "Top Gun: Maverick which will start shooting later this year.

His voice has probably gotten better since then, because Kilmer is set to reprise his "Top Gun" role as Iceman in the upcoming "Top Gun: Maverick."

"I'm officially in the sequel to TOPGUN," Kilmer wrote on social media, adding "[I'm] looking forward to working with Tom, Joe (Kosisnski) and Jerry (Bruckheimer), all such unique pros."

Tom Cruise will also be back for the sequel, which he even promoted the first day of filming on May 31 with a photo of him back in a jumpsuit.