Forbes: By 2028, Netflix Will Grow To 262M Subscriptions And 72% Of America, Analysts Say

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The numbers this year for Netflix have the streaming company producing around 700+ new shows for every demographic, that would include "children's shows, teen shows, anime, documentaries, reality tv, talk shows, and even news shows." Forbes concludes that the numbers add up to Netflix only growing more significantly in the coming years, more precisely 72% of all American households. The Netflix revolution is here, folks. The only possible studio that could compete against this onslaught would be Disney and I'm actually not even sure it can survive this:

"Netflix will grow to 262 million subscriptions within a decade, including 72% of the United States, says Citi Research. That's a big jump from its current 118 million."

"At a high level, our $305 price target implies that in ten years Netflix has 262 million total subs (representing 72% U.S. penetration, 37% penetration of other developed markets, and 21% penetration of emerging markets ex-China)," say analysts Mark May and Hao Yan.