It's that time of the year!! John Waters' 10 best movies of 2017 include BABY DRIVER, NOCTURAMA, WONDER WHEEL and TOM OF FINLAND.

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ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas y'all. Are you excited for Santy to come down your chimney and give you some nice little presents? For those of you that couldn't care less about that stuff, including yours truly, the real gift every Holiday season is John Waters' eccentric and fascinating top 10 list of the movie year. He, again, doesn't disappoint this year, I love the inclusion of "Nocturama," which I hope we'll see on more lists in the weeks ahead.

1. Baby Driver (dir. Edgar Wright)

2. I, Olga Hepnarová (dirs. Petr Kazda, Tomáš Weinreb)

3. The Strange Ones (dirs. Christopher Radcliff, Lauren Wolkstein)

4. Nocturama (dir. Bertrand Bonello)

5. Wonderstruck (dir. Todd Haynes)

6. Graduation (dir. Christian Mungiu)

7. The Wizard of Lies (dir. Barry Levinson)

8. Lady Macbeth (dir. William Oldroyd)

9. Wonder Wheel (dir. Woody Allen)

10. Tom of Finland (dir. Dome Karukoski

Source: French Magazine

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