‘Outlaw King’ Director David Mackenzie Went to the Editing Room and Snipped His Netflix Epic By 20 Minutes After Toronto Premiere

Deadline is reporting that David Mackenzie went straight back to the editing room after his latest film, the epic "Outlaw King" was met with mixed reviews at its TIFF premiere a few weeks ago.

'Green Book' will most likely be your Best Picture front-runner

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Awards Watch writer Erik Anderson, who I finally had the pleasure of meeting at TIFF this year, knows his stuff and his list of the ten films most likely to be rewarded with a Best Picture nomination, is, more or less, what we'll likely be greeted with come nominations day January 24th. Although, I would replace the impenetrable "If Beale Street Could Talk" with "Eighth Grade." Also, if "Vice," the Dick Cheney movie, fails critically and/or commercially, I can see "The Hate U Give," which is going to get a huge push with reviews and box-office intake, sneak into the Best Picture race.

Joaquin Phoenix on the set of new 'Joker' movie

He does look like Heath Ledger's Joker with a different color scheme, am I right?  TMZ released a full on-set video, which leaked yesterday, of Ledger's Joker causing chaos on an NYC subway train.

'The Rider' Director Chloe Zhao to Direct Marvel Studios' 'The Eternals'

Variety is reporting that director Chloe Zhao has been hired to helm the big screen adaptation of Jack Kirby’s “The Eternals” for Marvel. Count me as a tad disappointed by this decision, Zhao directed one of the year's very best films “The Rider,” merging a groundbreaking blend of fiction and non-fiction into her story of a horse rider torn by injury, but signing on to a Marvel movie as a follow-up is not something I anticipated this talented artist to follow-up that triumph with.

The Playlist has this update on the project:

"There’s no word on when “The Eternals” will hit theaters, as Marvel Studios is keeping mum about future plans until after ‘Avengers 4’ next year, but Variety says that the studio hurried to sign Zhao after she was being approached by other major studios. So, perhaps, this could mean that ‘Eternals’ is getting the fast-track."

They must have given her an offer she couldn't refused.

First look at Joaquin Phoenix in make-up from "Joker"

Joaquin Phoenix is the best living actor today. I dare you to give me a more excitingly original acting voice out there. The fact that he's been cast for the ‘Batman’ spin-off film, ‘Joker,’ directed by Todd Phillips, is enough to make it into a major movie event next year.

This decade Phoenix has given usincredible work in films such as "Two Lovers," "Her," "You Were Never Really Here," "The Master," and "The Immigrant." 
We finally got a look today at Phoenix, with makeup, as the Joker, and, suffice to say, he may not look like your token Joker, but, purists be damned, he is creepy as hell.  
‘Joker’ hits theaters on October 4, 2019.

Keira Knightley Explains Why ‘Colette’ Is An 100-Year-Old Feminist Story That Is Just As Relevant Today [Interview]

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Focusing on Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, the Parisian author responsible for her husband’s literary success, Wash Westmoreland‘s “Colette” features a towering performance from Keira Knightley, who plays the legendary writer with such warmth and fiery feminism, with a story that easily draws parallels with today’s world.
Colette’s marriage to the well-off Willy (a slyly playful and equally up to the task Dominic West), is a challenge to both her feminist ideals and definition of what love truly means. He is an author of somewhat limited talent that takes his wife’s ideas to write about the fictional Claudine, a character filled with sexual freedom and uproarious adventures that spark a fury in the French literary world. Of course, after the initial success, Willy wants more books to be written, and endeavors to build not just an empire around this promiscuous and daring female character, but to solidify the literary reputation he’s been craving for years.
“Colette” is about a strong woman trying to separate herself from the pack and explores the gender inequalities of the time. Knightley nails her performance down with the kind of passion and attention-to-detail not many actresses can exude on-screen. The continuous evolution of Colette requires subtle and nuanced changes in this demanding role and Knightley more than meets the challenge with some of the most exhilarating work of her career.
Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Knightley about the film, the feminist messages at its center, and the “Colette’s” similarities to society today.

Robert Redford may not be retiring from acting, after all.

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Robert Redford spoke to Variety at the premiere of his upcoming film “The Old Man & the Gun,” a film we all thought would be his final film. Redford even said he was retiring back in August.

'Roma' is a singular, meditative poem from director Alfonso Cuaron

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Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma" was shot on 65mm, it is comprised of a series of richly detailed episodic moments, always lensed in deep-focus, in which we are asked to glance around and look for carefully detailed signs of life, these moments are meant to string the film together and pack a wallop by the very final frame.

Director Dan Fogelman: Negative ‘Life Itself’ Reviews Have to do With ‘White Male Critics Who Don’t Like Anything That Has Emotion’

Olivia Wilde, Dan Fogelman, and Mandy Patinkin at "Life Itself" Premiere
I did not catch “This Is Us” creator Dan Fogelman's movie “Life Itself” at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the reviews were rather harsh, to say the least (the movie has a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 42 reviews). 

Hollywood and China: Chinese Movie Star Still Missing, "Crazy Rich Asians" Not Being Released in China and Government Crackdowns

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Something very sketchy is happening in China's film community. 

Bond 25’ Gets Cary Fukunaga As New Director For 007 Daniel Craig; The First American-Born Director to Helm a Bond Film

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The 25th entry in the James Bond series will be released next year. Christopher Nolan axed the idea to direct. Ditto Denis Villeneuve who will be working on "Dune" for the next few years, there were other candidates but the name that always kept popping up was Danny Boyle's ("Slumdog Millionaire," "Trainspotting," "127 Hours," "28 Days Later").  

'22 July' commits a grave sin -- it gives voice, attention and notoriety to an evil, right-wing terrorist

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I didn't want to review Paul Greengrass’s "22 July" last week, mostly because it portrayed the white nationalist extremist who shot and killed 77 people at a Labor Youth camp in Oslo, as a rational person. Not just that, but Greengrass lays down the terrorist's agenda quite elaborately, having him explain exactly why he committed the insidious act. Briefly, the attacks were carried out to call attention to the wave of to Islamic immigration in Europe and to his view that feminism has created a European “cultural suicide”, whatever that means. The fact that Greengrass's camera has no problem letting the guy explain his extreme right-wing agenda in a measured and somewhat neutral fashion, handheld camera in tow, irked me.