"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" Triumphs at SAG Awards

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
The Big Sick
Get Out
Lady Bird
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, Motion Picture
Judi Dench, Victoria & Abdul
Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water
Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Margot Robbie, I, Tonya
Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, Motion Picture
Timothée Chalamet, Call Me by Your Name
James Franco, The Disaster Artist
Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out
Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour
Denzel Washington, Roman J. Israel, Esq.
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
The Crown
Game of Thrones
The Handmaid’s Tale
Stranger Things
This Is Us
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series
Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things
Claire Foy, The Crown
Laura Linney, Ozark
Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale
Robin Wright, House of Cards
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series
Jason Bateman, Ozark
Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us
Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
David Harbour, Stranger Things
Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series or Television Movie
Laura Dern, Big Little Lies
Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies
Jessica Lange, Feud: Bette and Joan
Susan Sarandon, Feud: Bette and Joan
Reese Witherspoon, Big Little Lies
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Limited Series or Television Movie
Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock
Jeff Daniels, Godless
Robert De Niro, The Wizard of Lies
Geoffrey Rush, Genius
Alexander Skarsgard, Big Little Lies
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, Motion Picture
Steve Carell, Battle of the Sexes
Willem Dafoe, The Florida Project
Woody Harrelson, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Richard Jenkins, The Shape of Water
Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, Motion Picture
Mary J. Blige, Mudbound
Hong Chau, Downsizing
Holly Hunter, The Big Sick
Allison Janney, I, Tonya
Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Orange Is the New Black
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series
Uzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black
Alison Brie, GLOW
Jane Fonda, Grace and Frankie
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series
Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
Aziz Ansari, Master of None
Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Sean Hayes, Will & Grace
William H. Macy, Shameless
Marc Maron, GLOW
Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture
Baby Driver
War for the Planet of the Apes
Wonder Woman
Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things
The Walking Dead

Razzie Nominations Include "Transformers," "Baywatch" and Jennifer Lawrence in "mother!"????

The Emoji Movie 
Fifty Shades Darker 
The Mummy 
Transformers: The Last Knight 
Katherine Heigl / Unforgettable
Dakota Johnson / Fifty Shades Darker 
Jennifer Lawrence / mother!
Tyler Perry / Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween 
Emma Watson / The Circle
Tom Cruise / The Mummy 
Johnny Depp / Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 
Jamie Dornan / Fifty Shades Darker 
Zac Efron / Baywatch 
Mark Wahlberg / Daddy’s Home 2 & Transformers: The Last Knight
Javier Bardem / mother! & Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Russell Crowe / The Mummy 
Josh Duhamel / Transformers: The Last Knight 
Mel Gibson / Daddy’s Home 2 
Anthony Hopkins / Collide & Transformers: The Last Knight
Kim Basinger / Fifty Shades Darker 
Sofia Boutella / The Mummy 
Laura Haddock / Transformers: The Last Knight 
Goldie Hawn / Snatched 
Susan Sarandon / A Bad Moms Christmas
Any Combination of Two Characters, Two Sex Toys or Two Sexual Positions / Fifty Shades Darker 
Any Combination of Two Humans, Two Robots or Two Explosions / Transformers: The Last Knight
Any Two Obnoxious Emojis / The Emoji Movie 
Johnny Depp & His Worn Out Drunk Routine / Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 
Tyler Perry & Either The Ratty Old Dress or Worn Out Wig / Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween
Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween 
Fifty Shades Darker 
The Mummy 
Transformers: The Last Knight
Darren Aronofsky / mother!
Michael Bay / Transformers: The Last Knight
James Foley / Fifty Shades Darker 
Alex Kurtzman / The Mummy
Anthony (Tony) Leonidis / The Emoji Movie 
The Emoji Movie 
Fifty Shades Darker 
The Mummy 
Transformers: The Last Knight

‘The Shape of Water’ Wins Producers Guild Award

The Shape of Water has won the Producers Guild of America, which, by all accounts, makes it the odds on favorite to win the Best Picture Oscar. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll pull it off but in an unpredictable awards season like what we're having, this puts a few things into perspective. It also legitimizes a possible Best Actress win for Sally Hawkins and Best Director for Guillermo Del Toro, if he wins the DGA then the chances of his film winning the top prize jumps to astronomical levels.

Sundance '18 Preview

Image result for sundance 2018
Call them the twin peaks of American Film Festivals. The high altitude buzz that comes out of Sundance and Telluride can carry a movie aloft straight through to Oscar Night.

Paddington 2 is Currently the Best Reviewed Movie Ever on Rotten Tomatoes. 100% With 168 Reviews Counted.

Paddington 2 has, quite honestly, become the critical surprise of 2018 and we're only January 18th. As it stands, the animated movie has topped Toy Story 2‘s Rotten Tomatoes record, "notching the most consecutive Fresh reviews without a single Rotten write-up." As of this writing, Paddington 2 has 164 Fresh reviews, versus Toy Story 2‘s 163."
Director Paul King released a statement: 

“The Paddington films are a real labour of love. So many people pour their hearts and souls into them for months or even years, hand-crafting every last frame, and we are all incredibly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had so far. We hope it inspires people to go to the cinema to see for themselves if a talking animal film really can be any good, and whether Hugh Grant really can look devilishly handsome even while dressed as a nun. (Clue: yes.)”

I have yet to watch the new reigning Tomato king. Missed the press screening as I was preparing for my Park City venture. Now that I'm at Sundance I don't think there's a theater in the vicinity that is showing it, but I will catch up to it upon my return. 

Moses Farrow Defends His Father Woody Allen On Twitter

Ronan and Dylan's brother Moses Farrow has vehemently defended his dad, Woody Allen, over the years saying “My mother [Mia Farrow] drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister, and I hated him for her for years. I see now that this was a vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi.” However, Ronan Farrow, a reputable journalist, who helped uncover the Harvey Weinstein scandal for The New Yorker a few months ago (and signed a three-year deal this week with HBO to head up investigative documentaries), stands by his assertions that sexual abuse did happen. It’s a polarizing and infuriating scandal and the noise around it is not about to quell anytime soon.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pens 2000 Word Defense Of "The Last Jedi"

For many, the joys of Star Wars come from the comfort of familiarity, the mythology Lucas created. "The Last Jedi" erases all that. I knew "The Last Jedi" would likely rub purist fans the wrong way. The primary intent of the film was to reinvent the franchise. Of course, these purists want things to stay the same, but watching "The Last Jedi" you can sense director Rian Jonson trying to, as Kylo Ren says, "let the past die." It's a theme that resonates throughout the film.

"Star Wars" fans that were unsatisfied with "The Last Jedi," and there were many, have decided to start a petition to have "The Last Jedi" removed from the franchise's canon. [You can read more about the backlash HERE)

Its director Rian Johnson has responded to the fan backlash most notably a campaigned petition to oust the film as being officially part of the canon of the Star Wars universe.
"The goal is never to divide or make people upset, but I do think the conversations that are happening were going to have to happen at some point if sw is going to grow, move forward and stay vital," Johnson tweeted.Many longtime fans of the franchise were left severely disappointed by writer/director Rian Johnson‘s movie, which declared that Rey’s parents don’t matter, nudged the lines of what it means to use the Force, and most crucially of all, killed off Luke Skywalker. Indeed, the Jedi master we meet in ‘The Last Jedi’ is far from the young hero of the original trilogy. Cynical and weary, he now believes the Jedi and the mythology around it are more of a threat than an asset to the Rebellion. And for those of us that like the film, that’s precisely what makes ‘The Last Jedi’ so enjoyable.4
Now Joseph Gordon-Levitt has decided to chime in as well, writing a 2000 word essay for Medium. Of course, Levitt has a professional relationship with "Jedi" helmer Johnson (“Brick” and “Looper,” and  “The Brothers Bloom”) but his essay is well-written and tries to make the case for Luke Skywalker's drastic change in the film:
Leaving Luke unchanged would have been a huge missed opportunity. Think about how rare this is. A trilogy of movies is made with a young protagonist played by an actor in his 20s. Then, no fewer than 40 YEARS LATER (A New Hope came out in 1977) this actor gets to play the same character as an older man. I don’t know how many times that has ever happened in the history of movies. Has it ever happened?
This gives the filmmaker and the actor an extraordinary opportunity to tell a story about one of the most universal truths in human experience — getting older. We all get older, and those of us who are lucky enough to survive our youth all face the joys, the terrors, the puzzles, the pitfalls, the surprises, and the inevitabilities that come along with doing so. Re-meeting our beloved protagonist decades after we last saw him, only to learn that the passing years have changed some of his most fundamental qualities, I’ll admit, it’s almost hard to see. But in that glaring contrast between the Luke of old and the new Old Luke, The Last Jedi offers a uniquely fascinating portrayal of a man’s life marching inescapably forward.
Time changes us. Go talk to anybody in their sixties and ask if they feel very different than they did in their twenties. The look on their face will almost surely speak volumes. As do so many such looks from Mark Hamill in what I feel is a beautifully nuanced and heartfelt performance….
….To me, this is a story about not losing faith: faith in the outside world, faith in your allies as well as your enemies, in the future as well as the past, in the next generation that will take your place, and yes, faith in your own damn self. Luke has made mistakes that had terrible consequences, and his regret is so strong that he wants to give up. We need to see that despair, hidden under a crusty front of indifference, so that when he finally decides to put himself out there and make the ultimate sacrifice, it means something. It means more than just stalling the First Order to let the remainder of the Resistance escape. Our protagonist has arrived at the end of his journey. He’s re-found his faith, both in the past and the future of the Jedi Order, and even more importantly, in himself. Again, it’s in that glaring contrast between a journey’s beginnings and its end where we find a story’s meaning.

Woody Allen Issues A Statement

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This morning, Dylan Farrow was interviewed on “CBS This Morning” and spoke about her father, Woody Allen, denying he ever molested her when she was 7 years old.

The First-Ever VIP Showing Of A "Finished" Version Of Orson Welles‘ "The Other Side of the Wind" Happened Yesterday. Only 36 Seats in The Theater But Enough to Have Tarantino, Payne, Rian Johnson, Wes Anderson And More In Attendance

"The first-ever showing of a full-boat version of Orson Welles‘ The Other Side of the Wind — presumably rough and ragged but resembling the final cut — screened the night before last (Tuesday, 1.16) at the Ocean Avenue Screening Room in Santa Monica. Restricted invitations, 36 seats. Study the below photo and identify the viewers — Rian Johnson, Peter Bogdanovich, Quentin Tarantino, Larry Karaszewski, Crispin Glover, Danny Huston…who else? Is that Alexander Payne in the center with the white shirt?"

[Hollywood Elsewhere]

Alec Baldwin, Unafraid Of The Woody Lynch Mob

I've already covered the Woody Allen allegations that Mia Farrow and her kids Ronan and Dylan have laid down on him. His reputation has surely been hit as actors that have worked with him in the past, no doubt driven, pressured, by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, have changed their tune on the director and now expressed regrets in working with the 82-year-old filmmaker.  Ellen PageGreta GerwigRebecca Hall, and Timothée Chalamet have all expressed remorse in working with Allen.

Matt Damon Says "I Will Close My Mouth For A While" After Backlash Happened To His #MeToo Comments

In an interview Matt Damon did for ABC‘s “Popcorn with Peter Travers,” actually tried to explain why he thinks is a downside to the #MeToo movement sweeping the industry. 

Woody's Hollywood Career In Question. After Greta Gerwig, Rebecca Hall, Ellen Page, and David Krumholtz, Timothee Chalamet Donates Salary From Upcoming Woody Allen Movie To "Time's Up."

Image result for woody allen
Just last week Greta Gerwig released a statement regarding her past work with Woody Allen in the film “To Rome With Love,” saying she deeply regretted working with the 82-year-old director. Why? Well, Allen has been scuffled in years of controversy involving Dylan Farrow, his longtime partner Mia’s daughter, who has, countless times, alleged that Allen molested her for years. Now that the #MeToo movement is in full-surge, it seems like Allen’s past has resurfaced as a hot-button issue. It’s not just Gerwig.  Other actors that have worked with the iconic director, including Ellen Page, Griffin Newman, and David Krumholtz, have expressed regret in working with him.

'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3' To Be Released In 2020

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It's currently been kept pretty hush but we really want to know what are Marvel's plans post-"Infinity War" and its untitled sequel in 2019. Phase 4 titles would be very much welcome but Marvel head Kevin Feig seems to be keeping the gameplan a little closer to the vest compared to past phases, only teasing at what may come next. However, he has mentioned that what will kickstart the next phase is "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3." James Gunn's sequel from last summer didn't garner the same glowing reviews as his predecessor but I found it to be an absolute delight, filled with self-disregard, colorfully inventive visuals and the perfect example of pop art done right.

Best Picture Oscar: Will It Be "Get Out" Vs. "Lady Bird"?

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Hollywood Elsewhere's Jeffrey Wells and I recorded a chat on Sunday morning which was accidentally not recorded, because good ol' Jeff's batteries died about 12 minutes in. However, I elaborated, yet again, that I believe the Best Picture Oscar resides in two films "Get Out," and "Lady Bird." You can also add Guillermo Del Toro's "The Shape of Water" as well,  but I just can't see the Academy honoring that kind of film, especially since it lacks the political undertones that have made the industry vibrate the last year or so.

Aziz Ansari controversy might be the make it or break it moment for #MeToo movement

Aziz Ansari has been a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, even wearing a Time’s Up pin. Well, it seems like now his time might actually be up as a complaint about said behavior has been done against him by an anonymous woman on babe.net.

The 23-year-old accuser told the website that the date she had with Ansari was “by far the worst experience with a man I’ve ever had. I believe that I was taken advantage of by Aziz,” she said.
Uncomfortable is what she described the experience as, as sexual activity escalated after an apartment dinner, she claims the comedian ignored her verbal or non-verbal discomfort. Ansari moved her hand to his genital area repeatedly and, in her own words, "pressured" to have sex with him.
Ansari quickly responded to accusations saying that the sex was “by all indications completely consensual” but that he “took her words to heart”.
This whole fiasco is so disheartening.  I don't know what to say. Women need to also take responsibility and say "No." You can't expect telepathy from men. I think ages of people consuming idiotic culture and not getting educated have caught up with us. Neither the left nor the right seems to me sane or even fully adult. Those of us who are civilized adults are way in the minority. I think there is also a weirdness at work here, hard to talk about...which is I think this is the revenge of sexually inactive people, female and male, on sexually active people. I don't see a lot of people I know of as mad fuckaholics screaming "Yes! More rules on sex! More, more, more rules!" The Aziz Ansari controversy might be the make it or break it moment for #MeToo movement, stay tuned.

The first film to be screened in Saudi Arabia after a 35-year ban on cinemas was 'The Emoji Movie'

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Image result for saudi arabia cinema

Well, it had to happen. We know that 200+ high ranking Saudis have been detained and $50 billion in assets seized. Some kind of societal overhaul is happening over there.  I wonder what is the cause? There has always been a running division amongst Saudi royalty. The powerful are Western educated and their religious beliefs are, err, moderate to say the least.  The royals being arrested seem to be those using religion to gain more power. This has been a major crutch for the moderates. To avoid this, they have focused on bringing about attitude changes first - hence the enormous women's university and similar projects. It seems like it might be working. Either this will blossom into a full-blown westernized country or we see a religious uprising and it'll all go to hell. Good luck to anyone living there.


Liam Neeson says #MeToo movement "A bit of a witch-hunt"

The 70-year-old father of a Heat Vision contributor sees 'The Commuter' as a nostalgic "throwback" to an imaginary time when travelers were kinder and more accepting of each other.

Making the rounds promoting his latest film "The Commuter," on Ireland's "Late Late Show," Neeson, borrowing unfortunate language from President Trump, suggested the revelations about sexual harassment in the industry have gotten out of hand and, problematically, how some sexual harassment transgressions are less egregious that others.

Mark Wahlberg Donates $1.5 Million To Time’s Up After ‘All The Money’ Scandal

Wrote for The Playlist:
Wahlberg’s full statement:
“Over the last few days my reshoot fee for ‘All the Money in the World’ has become an important topic of conversation,  I 100 percent support the fight for fair pay and I’m donating the $1.5 million to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name. The current conversation is a reminder that those of us in a position of influence have a responsibility to challenge inequities, including the gender wage gap. In recognition of the pay discrepancy on the ‘All the Money in the World’ reshoots, WME is donating an additional $500,000 to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name, following our $1 million pledge to the organization earlier this month. It’s crucial that this conversation continues within our community and we are committed to being part of the solution.”
It would feel like a generous gesture if Wahlberg hadn’t already essentially held the entire production and film crew hostage by threatening not to approve Plummer, but the fact remains that the actor is not going to get out of this one clean and his reputation has been tarnished. Exacerbating it all is his morally reprehensible ransoming juxtaposed with Williams’ “whatever-you-need” selflessness.
Worse, Wahlberg is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood. The irony here–given the fact that “All The Money In The World,” is about an old rich sociopath who has an insatiable lust for amassing, and never parting with, his wealth–is thick. If Wahlberg or his reps think this questionable gesture is going to close the matter, they’ve likely got another big thing coming. This likely won’t be the last we hear of this saga given that Michelle Williams and the always candid Scott haven’t weighed in yet.

Rumor: Matt Reeves' Batman Movie Won't be in DCEU; Affleck to Get Last Hurrah

We need to stress that this is still a "rumor" and that we cannot verify it at all, but BoF (the source here) was right about the Justice League reshoots, but he also stresses this is a rumor. It's possible they're waiting until it's written to know if it can be incorporated or not. Who knows but if this happens it would be fantastic, Reeves' Batman could be a game-changing event for the WB, in that, if it's successful it could bring more standalone non-DCEU films.

Rebecca Hall Regrets Working With Woody Allen; Donates Salary To Time’s Up Movement

Disgusting, bullshit...McCarthyism...people crumbling and turning out of fear...mass public shaming....this is a disgraceful moment. Will Woody get hounded out of moviemaking? I don't know. I hope not. That would honestly crush my heart. I mean, I feel there are European financiers that would fund him. People know that Mia is a brainwasher who abused her kids. But they CAN'T SAY THAT Because that would be BLAMING THE VICTIM. I think we are fucked. The more times Trump does something like "shithole"...all white males pay. You can protest Trump 24 hours a day...you will still pay.

Wrote about Hall's statement for The Playlist

"The Dark Knight" chosen by Collider as the #1 superhero movie of all time, Logan at #2 and "Captain America: Civil War" at #3

Image result for best superhero movies of all -time

Collider's list of top 50 Superhero Movies of All-Time is surprisingly decent. I've posted the top 20 below and, safe for a few awkward choices ("Wonder Woman" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming" being included is ridiculous), I like it. 

1. The Dark Knight 
2. Logan
3. Captain America: Civil War
4. The Avengers
5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
6. Superman
7. The Incredibles
8. Wonder Woman
9. Iron Man
10. X2
12. Deadpool
13. Spider-Man: Homecoming
14. Batman Begins
15. Spider-Man 2
16. Unbreakable
17. X-Men Days of Future Past
18. Batman
19. X-Men: First Class
20. Kick-Ass

Leonardo Dicaprio To Star In Quentin Tarantino's Charles Manson Movie

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Quentin Tarantino's movie will be a drama set in late 1960s and early 1970s Los Angeles and revolve around a few characters that might or might not be c0onnected to the Charles Manson murders.

PTA praises Steven Spielberg's "The Post"

Steven Spielberg has actually become a better and more mature filmmaker since his E.T heydays. Take for example, some of the craft and masterful storytelling he produced between 1998 and 2006 ("Saving Private Ryan," "Munich," "Minority Report," "AI: Artificial Intelligence," "Catch Me If You Can" and "War of the Worlds"), an incredibly impressive and varied résumé. This was some of the riskiest storytelling he'd ever given us."

Mark Wahlberg reportedly refused to approve Christopher Plummer's casting until he was paid $1.5 million

USA Today‘s Andrea Mandell reported earlier this week that Mark Wahlberg was paid way more than his co-star Michelle Williams for the reshoots in Ridley Scott's "All the Money in the World." Over the nine-day period, which had Christopher Plummer reshooting Kevin Spacey's scenes as John Paul Getty III, Wahlberg earned a $1.5 million paycheck, as for Williams? $80 per day, for a grand total of less than $1000. That's not even a joke. Three people familiar with the situation, but contractually unable to speak about it, were quoted by Mandel in the article, which has caused waves around the industry today. Who is to blame? We don't really know but more will surely be revealed in the days to come.

The Backlash Against "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri"

Image result for three billboards backlash sam rockwell

A backlash happens every year to a film seemingly flourishing with awards love and destined for Oscar gold. It's just part of the game but now that the "woke" movement is in full-swing on social media, it's a little easier for a film to offend the timid-minded and be dealt a severe blow during awards season. This year, that film seems to be "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri," a well-made, darkly humorous film that was the toast of the Toronto International Film Festival, winning the audience award and making Frances McDormand the front-runner to win the best actress Oscar in March. Well, McDormand can kiss those hopes goodbye because people are clamoring on that the movie is "racist."

After Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman, Director Gore Verbinski Exits "Gambit"

I have a theory about directors and superhero movies, well, it's not really a theory, it's actually mostly fact. If you have sense of self-pride or dignity and consider yourself an artist or an auteur, then you won't sign on to any Marvel or DC blockbuster. It's as simple as that. Unless, of course, you're Christopher Nolan and the WB decides to give you complete creative freedom to make a "Dark Knight" trilogy.

DGA Nominees: Gerwig, Peele, McDonagh, Del Toro, Nolan

I predicted it: “Get Out” director Jordan Peele and “Lady Bird” helmer Greta Gerwig made the cut for the Directors Guild of America award. They were joined by Martin McDonagh (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”), Guillermo del Toro (“The Shape of Water”) and Christopher Nolan (“Dunkirk”).

Jason Reitman's "Tully"

Director Jason Reitman has been very much hit and miss, his best work ("Up in the Air," "Juno, "Young Adult," "Thank You For Smoking.") had that satirical sting that was all-too rare in American cinema, but his his last effort "Men, Women and Children" was TERRIBLE. 

Kevin Feige Says Marvel Is Finally Making A "Black Widow" Movie

I have been clamoring for a "Black Widow" movie for years, the cinematic potential of that character is endless, she's a kickass, female spy! Marvel Studios is finally going to make a stand-alone “Black Widow” movie with Scarlett Johansson. Marvel’s Kevin Feige was officially screenwriters until he landed on Jac Schaeffer who will pen the script.

"Justice League" Ben Affleck Stunt Double Says Zack Snyder Cut Exists


Joss Whedon‘s extensive reshoots on “Justice League” no doubt clashed with Zack Snyder‘s original vision. Among the changes, Jesse Eisenberg‘s return as Lex Luthor was reportedly axed, and Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman is said to have received more scenes and screentime. It’s not just the characters, the overall mood was rumored to get a lighter makeover with Whedon deviating away from Snyder’s darker palettes for a more colorful tone. “Justice League,” in short, was the mix of two visions and you could see that while watching the film. Sure there’s Zack Snyder’s use of ultra slow-mo, the dark interiors and exteriors he so loves to use, and his penchant for the camera zooming in and out of action  sequences, but Whedon crashed the party by pulling back on some of that, so much so that as you’re watching the movie you can tell exactly who shot what. The work of these two titan directors that couldn’t be more different, resulted in the “Justice League” that we got. 

Now Richard Cetrone, Benn Affleck's stunt double, is saying that a Zack Snyder cut does exist: