‘Bandersnatch’ Actor Will Poulter Leaves Twitter For ‘Mental Health Reasons’ After Offensive Tweets Surface About His Appearance

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On a slew January news day, another example of why Twitter is an absolutely toxic environment.
"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" actor Will Poulter has announced he is taking a break from his Twitter page because, well, his mental health has been taking a hit by staying in the social media platform. Poulter claims the decision arised “in light of my recent experiences,” which must surely be based on some of the attacks the choose-your-own-adventureBlack Mirror: Bandersnatch” has received online. More specifically, Poulter was subjected to offensive comments about his appearance in the week since the episode appeared.
“I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everybody who has watched ‘Bandersnatch’ and for their responses (whatever they may be) to the material we created,” Poulter wrote “I accept all criticisms and it’s been a delight to learn that so many of you enjoyed what many people worked very hard to produce!”

Poulter went on, “As we all know there is a balance to be struck in our engagements with social media. There are positives to enjoy and inevitable negatives that are best avoided. It’s a balance I have struggled with for a while now and in the interest of my mental health I feel the time has come to change my relationship with social media.”
Star Wars” actor John Boyega supported Poulter's decision writing, “Best thing you can do mate, well done.”