“Aquaman” Kissing Scene Censored in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, Deemed “Too Graphic"

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"Aquaman" has been a resounding success at the worldwide box-office, so, because of its international clout, it has found its way into more, shall we say, conservative areas of the world. By all accounts there doesn't seem to be any need for censorship in director James Wan's PG-13 DC flick, but when in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia ...

You see, towards the end of the film, Arthur Curry and Princess Mera share a kiss, that moment seems to have been censored in the aforementioned muslim-heavy countries.

In Indonesia, that moment was cut as multiple people noted on social media. “My theater burst out in laughter when that happened because the way it’s cut is so jarring,” said one Indonesian moviegoer. This was most likely a decision made by the State agency Lembaga Sensor Film which tends to vet films before release. Similar tweets surfaced about the kiss not being shown in Saudi Arabian theaters. The kiss was reported to be deemed "too graphic" by the censory board.
If you remember, last year "Avengers: Infinity War" was censored in Saudi Arabia, with moments such as a kiss between Scarlet Witch and Vision having been removed