William Shatner: #MeToo Hysterical, Like French Revolution; Says He Can't Tell a Woman She Has “Great legs" Anymore ...

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Last week Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, defended the Christmas song 'Baby It's Cold Outside' on Twitter after a radio station in his native Canada took it off the air.  The actor tweeted that he enjoyed "the kick of getting somebody upset about something and playing with them verbally."

Now Shatner is taking his aim at the #MeToo movementIn a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the 87-year-old actor accused the movement of becoming too "hysterical" and that he now has to refrain from complimenting women on their "great legs." He admits to taking part in a three-hour training course on sexual harassment in the workplace. Shatner said: "It's all about what is harassment. You might say, as I have on numerous occasions, ''great legs' ... Just innocuous compliments that one might say to anybody, with no intent of lasciviousness.' But, he added: 'I've changed my behavior to quite a degree… because it's a revolution"

The former "Star Trek" actor did specify that  #MeToo is "great" despite his beliefs that it has become too extreme,  likening it to the French Revolution which, I'm sure, areference to Maximillien Robespierre's "reign of terror" (1793-74) which does bear certain similarities to today's zeitgeist, but does lack the be-headings. Shatner went on to add, "I've got three daughters [aged 60, 57, and 54] and I'm glad that they have more opportunity. At the same time, it's become hysterical."

In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Shatner spoke of his new Christmas album Shatner Claus, explaining he collaborated with a star-studded roster of supporting artists, featuring Iggy Pop, Billy Gibbons, Rick Wakeman, Ian Anderson, Henry Rollins and Judy Collins

The interview done to promote his latest endeavor, a Christmas album entitled "Shatner Claus," yes, you heard me right. About the record, Shatener says  'It sounds funny, gets a laugh, but in fact I'm doing some serious stuff on the album.' 

The full Daily Mail interview can be read here.