Star Wars: Episode 9 Takes Place One Year After ‘The Last Jedi'

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An interview in the upcoming issue of Empire Magazine, has "Star Wars" actor John Boyega confirming that ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ will take place one year after the conclusion of ‘The Last Jedi.’  There had been speculation amongst fans of a possible and significant time-jump between ‘The Last Jedi’ and the untitled ‘Episode IX.’ This would allow the little boy at the very end of the film to play a major adult role in the films -- just a hunch on my part ...

The Star Wars franchise is notorious for time jumping. In fact, six of the seven films released in the franchise have been followed by a sequel that takes placeat least a year later, the only film that didn't? "The Last Jedi" which picked up right where Rey and Luke left off in "The Force Awakens."

Earlier in the year Disney CEO Bob Iger told Variety about a possible "course correction" after spinoff films like “Solo” failed to meet the label’s high commercial expectations.