Roger Deakins Will Not Re-team With Denis Villeneuve for the Upcoming “Dune"

Roger Deakins. A legendary cinematographer that finally won an Oscar this past March, after 14 times being nominated, for his eye-popping work in "Blade Runner 2049." 
If you've seen Denis Villeneuve's films, a lot of the visual brilliance on-display has to do with the cinematography that Deakins brought to the table. They've already worked on three films together ("Blade Runner 2049," "Prisoners" and "Sicario") and those works were are almost as much a showcase for Deakins' talents as they were for Villeneuve's gift as a filmmaker. Villeneuve seemed to be giving carte blanche to Deakins with every movie, not a bad idea, with the two complementing each other to greater degrees. Villeneuve told me in an Awards Daily interview for "Prisoners" back in 2013, “One thing I adore about Roger is his discipline and his rigor. He exudes so much respect from the cast and crew. When I started editing the movie I was just floored by what he had done."
And now, with Villeneuve prepping “Dune,” rumors were pointing towards Deakins and the Quebecois director teaming up for a fourth film, however, it doesn't look like that will be the case after all. According to a recent Twitter post from Variety's Kristopher Tapley, Villeneuve has decided to go with someone else as his cinematographer on “Dune.” Apparently, that someone else is Greig Fraser, an Academy Award-nominated DP for “Lion,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” and whose latest film “Vice” is set for release at the end of December.