Netflix's Upcoming ‘Black Mirror' Film Will be a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure With 5+ Hours of Footage

"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

The latest “Black Mirror" will debut on Netflix this coming December 28th. Titled “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch," a rumor leads us to believe [via The Independent] that this will actually be a feature-length “Black Mirror” movie, which has yet to happen in the popular serial series.
Directed by David Slade (“30 Days of Night,” “Hard Candy“Bandersnatch” reportedly clocks in at 312 minutes of footage, that's over five hours in case you want to be specific. Don't fret, though, "Bandersnatch" is supposedly a  choose-your-own adventure type of storyline, an interactive “Black Mirror.” We are told this will be an original release and not part of the forthcoming fifth season, which will be released next year.
According to a Korean Media Rating Board, the synopsis is translated as: “A young programmer makes a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and virtual world are mixed and start to create confusion”.