First Look at J.C. Chandor's ‘Triple Frontier’

J.C. Chandor‘s "Triple Frontier" (Netflix) is most definitely on my must-see list for 2019. I mean, how can it not be? Chandor ("Margin Call," "All Is Lost," "A Most Violent Year") is a first-rate filmmaker that hasn't even hit the peak of his powers yet. He adapts a Mark Boal script here, and has some formidable actors to take the brunt of the work (Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund.)
Almost a decade ago, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp and Will Smith had signed on to star in this movie, which was going to be directed by Kathryn Bigelow. That plan fell apart. Then another cast was set to shoot it in 2017 and four weeks away from the start of production something happened, rumors pointed to the stars having had major problems with the script, and actors Channing Tatum, Tom Hardy, Mahershala Ali, and Casey Affleck left the trouble pre-production. Only Ben Affleck remained. 

“Triple Frontier” is not dated yet for release, but Netflix will be releasing it very soon.