Art House Film ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’ Breaking Box-Office Records In China

Consider me shocked by the surprising success Bi-Gan's “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” is having at the Chinese box-office. The film, which I raved about earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival, is as artsy as they come. Even some of the highest-browed critics I know have admitted how hard the film is to fully appreciate. However, don't say that to Chinese audiences who have made Bi Gan's film a record-breaking success in box office pre-sales. No doubt, this has to do with the film switching midway into an incredible, 59-minute one take sequence, in 3D no less. The plot is overtly-complicated, I'm still not sure what it's fully about, but the craft is beyond exceptional.
Long Day’s Journey Into Night” has earned $15 million and counting in ticket sales, and it doesn't even open in China until December 31. It's set to open in U.S. theaters sometime next year.