William Goldman Dies; Oscar Winning Writer Of ‘All the President's Men,' ‘Butch Cassidy' and ‘Princess Bride' Was 87

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Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman has passed on at the age of 87.
Goldman's apex moment will forever be his incisive and breathtaking script for 1976's “All the President’s Men.” The other Goldman masterwork is “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” He was also a novelist, writing "Marathon Man," "The Princess Bride" for both the page and the screen. That, in essence, is the legend that Goldman has left behind. Towering.
Other works of his included “The Stepford Wives,” “Misery,” “Chaplin,” and “A Bridge Too Far,” among many more. He stopped writing in Hollywood around 2003 after back-to-back Stephen King adaptations "Hearts in Atlantis" and "Dreamcatcher."

William Goldman: “I [don’t] like my writing. I wrote a movie called "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and I wrote a novel called "The Princess Bride" and those are the only two things I’ve ever written, not that I’m proud of, but that I can look at without humiliation.”