Trailer for ‘Vox Lux' Reveals Brady Corbet's Beautiful, Dark and Twisted Nightmare of Fame

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Neon is campaigning very hard for Natalie Portman to receive a Best Supporting Actress Oscar this year, her chances aren't very high given how polarizing nature of Brady Corbet’s "Vox Lux" is. The academy would no doubt put ahead of her stalwart performances such as Regina King's (“If Beale Street Could Talk”), Claire Foy's (“First Man”), “The Favourite” duo Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz and Amy Adams as Lynn Cheney in "Vice."

Last September in my B- review of the film at TIFF, I mentioned how Corbet's "Vox Lux" was "an unusual film," which  "starts off with one of the tensest high school shootings I've ever seen and ends with an elaborately conceived and hypnotic pop music performance, filled with tacky dancing and a light show." I added, "In between all the drama and fireworks is a character study about fame, trauma and the undeniable power of song. Does it all come together? Not really, but it's incredibly fascinating to watch an artist go for broke like Corbet does here."

Neon will open “Vox Lux” in select theaters on December 7 and expand the film throughout the month.