Rose Byrne Thinks It's Too Soon For A Louis C.K. Comeback

Rose Byrne'Peter Rabbit' film premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 03 Feb 2018
Louis C.K. has become a kind of taboo subject matter within the industry. People are torn as to whether or not he should do these unannounced comedy sets that he's been doing the last year or so, what with all the controversy that surrounds his past sexual behavior towards women. Does he deserve a comeback after admitting to sexual misconduct last year? Rose Byrne, who starred in the comedian's directing job "I Love You Daddy" has taken issue with the unannounced comedy sets. 
Speaking with The New York Times:

“It’s too soon for him to have a surprise one, that’s for sure,” Byrne said when asked whether the comedian was ready for a comeback. “I think if he’s going to show up, just let everybody know so then they can make a decision, like, ‘I don’t want to see this guy — I’m out.’ It’s also the gatekeepers around these things who give people the chance to have a comeback. They’re actually really powerful. I would like to see them being held accountable a little bit more.”

I wrote last month:

"My take on this 'controversy' is that if C.K. wants to perform at the comedy club, then let him perform. It's his right to do so, the comedy club has agreed it is fine and if anybody has a problem with it then they can just walk out. It's that simple. He's not Harvey Weinstein, he's not Bill Cosby, what he did is still disturbing and has consequences, but it didn't warrant any arrests, and if his fans have no problem watching him do his act, then what exactly is the problem?"