Playboy Admits Ennio Morricone Interview Was Fabricated, Apologizes to Composer

Ennio Morricone
Playboy Germany is finally admitting that some of the quotes from that controversial interview with Ennio Morricone — in which the Italian composer had allegedly described Quentin Tarantino as a “cretin” — have been “reproduced incorrectly.” There was a back and forth between whether the statements were accurate or not, but the journalist has been caught as a sham. Bad news for him, especially since the magazine had initially stood by the article. Gulp.
Germany Playboy are now blaming the writer, Marcel Anders, and apologizing to Morricone:
“Up to now, we have considered the freelancer who conducted the Ennio Morricone interview on our behalf to be a renowned print and radio journalist,” German Playboy editor-in-chief Florian Boitin said in a statement. “In the past, we have had no reason to doubt his journalistic integrity and skills. Based on the information now at our disposal, we must unfortunately assume that the words spoken in the interview have, in part, been reproduced incorrectly."