Jason Reitman's already underrated ‘The Front Runner' hits theaters today

You can read my thoughts on Jason Reitman's "The Front Runner" here, but, suffice to say, I am surprised by the general lack of enthusiasm for this forcefully entertaining and relevant picture, which is being released today. The reviews have been mild, a 64% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes and a 60 on Metacritic, huh?! Did we watch the same movie? I'm sorry folks, but I saw this film as a prophetic statement on the death of actual journalism, showcasing the date, time and year that it happened: May 3rd, 1987, the day Presidential candidate Gary Hart's scandal was first reported by the Miami Herald. The whole nation followed suit soon after. Time will be kind to Reitman's film, but, right now, with a President that consistently is attacking the likes of CNN and MSNBC as "fake news," nobody wants to watch a movie about the demise of ethically-driven journalism. In a few years, people will re-evaluate Reitman's film for what is: a great movie.