Jason Blum Booed Off-Stage at Israeli Film Festival for Insinuating Trump Caused Synagogue Shooting

Jason Blum is not having a good month. After being criticized just last week for saying that the reason why he hasn't hired any female directors in his company is because "there just aren't a lot of female directors, period." Backlash, of course, ensued.
The Blumhouse Productions head honcho was a guest of honor at the Israel Film Festival and tried to be political during his acceptance speech, he attempted to spread an anti-Trump message, and, let's just say, it didn't go according to plan.

A video tweeted by THR, has Blum giving a speech about how President Trump has divided the country by attacking the press and encouraging racism. Blum insinuated this has led to the antisemitism which caused the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.
Not even 20 seconds into the speech, the audience started jeering and shouting at Blum, a fellow Jew himself. He was told to get off-stage. Blum continued on with his speech, but eventually had to walk off because the booing was overpowering his voice.
Blum took to Twitter right after and stated , “well, this night went kinda haywire.” And shortly after that, he posted his entire speech.