Early ‘Aquaman' Reactions Hint That it Could be ‘Best DCEU Movie'

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman” is actually happening. It feels like this film has been in post-production hell for ages. Yes, the film is being released in a few weeks (three to be precise) unless, of course, the WB decides to be masochists that they are and move up the release yet again.  
Tweets are finally emerging about the first press screening for the film and the general consensus seems to be that the film is surprisingly good. Some are even saying it's the best DCEU movie, although that isn't much of a stretch considering we have "Wonder Woman" and then ... what?
Then again, and no disrespect to some of the people tweeting out these positive reactions, but the people Warner Bros. have chosen within the film journalism community to watch this latest Aquaman are, shall we say, known to be friendly with these kinds of films. So, I wouldn't put much stock in these reactions just yet but it's a good start regardless. Director James Wan is no slouch, he knows what he's doing, I wouldn't be surprised if the film turns out to be ... watchable.
“Aquaman” will be in theaters on December 21.