DP Matthew Libatique is safe for Oscar contention; he only clobbered a Polish medical worker and a couple of cops

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Reports are claiming that DP extraordinaire Matty Libatique had an altercation last night in Poland. The "Star is Born" cinematographer seems to have an alcohol problem, but I won't fault him for that, it's a fairly pronounced issue, not just in the industry but universally as well. There isn't really a way to step in and save a person that is an alcoholic, only they can change their own habits. I stopped drinking more than three years ago, I never had a 'problem' by any stretch of the imagination, but the worst moments came when I would have around 3 or so tall cans a night, that lasted for about 6-7 months. I got over it. As mentioned, I haven't had a drink in years, nor can I really remember the last time I felt 'tipsy' or 'drunk.' 

Indiewire is reporting that Libatique has been charged by Polish authorities for “assaulting public officials, which is punishable by a prison sentence of up to three years under Polish law.” Yikes. So, I do wish Libatique the best of luck and especially since he is by all accounts the leading contender to win the Best Cinematography Oscar next February.

HE made me chuckle by saying "if Libatique had been arrested for assault against a wife or girlfriend, he’d be in deep shit right now with the #MeToo Robespierres. Thank God he only clobbered a Polish medical worker and a couple of cops— small potatoes"