BFI Will No longer Fund Films Which Star Villains With Facial Scarring To “Remove Stigma Around Disfigurement"

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Films that have facially-scarred villains will no longer be able to receive funding from the British Film Institute (BFI)This is part of a campaign to remove the stigma around disfigurement.  

Ben Roberts, the BFI’s deputy CEO, announced the news yesterday by stating that “This campaign speaks directly to the criteria in the BFI diversity standards, which call for meaningful representations on screen. We fully support Changing Faces’s #IAmNotYourVillain campaign, and urge the rest of the film industry to do the same,” he went on to add that “film is a catalyst for change and that is why we are committing to not having negative representations depicted through scars or facial difference in the films we fund,” says Ben Roberts, the BFI’s deputy CEO.

The fun police strike again. I fear this generation is going to censor everything. However, this does beg me to ask the question: Are bald people next? All joking aside, I do hope people realize that the Joker is a villain not because he has facial scars, but because he's a terrorist.