Bradley Cooper wanted Jack White to play the lead in ‘A Star Is Born'

Bradley Cooper revealed in an interview with Variety that he didn't plan on playing the lead role in "A Star is Born" and that he was eyeing an actual musician: “I saw this other person that I wanted to do this, who is an actual musician,” he said before adding: “But [the studio] wouldn’t make the movie with him.

Variety has a source close to the film revealing that former White Stripes front-man Jack White was Cooper’s original choice. 

Yeah, as if "Star is Born" could afford another musician that has no acting background whatsoever. I haven't been shy in stating that Lady Gaga struggles in the more dramatic sections of the film and that Cooper all but tries to compensate for those flaws by delivering a heartfelt performance as drunkard musician Jackson Maine. Imagine if Cooper wasn't there to clean up Gaga's mess? Even worse, imagine if Jack White, a non-professional actor, was teamed-up with Gaga. Yikes.