'Wonder Woman 1984' moved from Nov 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020.

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 The release date of Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman 1984" has been delayed by seven months. In an Instagram post, star Gal Gadot revealed that the much-anticipated sequel will now hit theaters in the summer of 2020 rather than the original release date which was slated for November of next year: “Super excited to announce that, thanks to the changing landscape, we are able to put Wonder Woman back to its rightful home,” she wrote. “June 5, 2020. Be there or be square!!!"

“We had tremendous success releasing the first ‘Wonder Woman’ film during the summer so when we saw an opportunity to take advantage of the changing competitive landscape, we did,” Jeff Goldstein of Warner Brothers said in a statement . “This move lands the film exactly where it belongs.”
Of course, speculation will run rampant in the next few weeks as to why this delay ever happened, but there have been no rumors of any problems in production, which just wrapped. Unless re-shoots are announced, it is safe to say that the WB did this because Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joaquin Phoenix “Joker” film was scheduled to hit theaters October 4, which would have been a month apart from "WW84." So June 2020 it is.