Sigourney Weaver Defends Roman Polanski: “He’s Changed His Life”

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Sigourney Weaver was asked by THR about Roman Polanski, whom she's worked with in the past, on the 1994 film “Death and the Maiden.” When asked about how it was working with Polanski, Weaver immediately voiced support for the director:
“I have to say, looking back, and I wasn’t really in Hollywood [at the time of the Polanski crimes], but things that I would hear, it was a much different time and that’s no excuse for what he did at all but all I’m saying is it stands out more now than it did at the time because people were desperate to be in movies and I think it’s unimaginable now for a mother to drop off a thirteen-year-old with someone like Roman,” she explained.
Weaver continued, “He’s changed his life. He’s doing this film about the Dreyfus affair, a very important story to tell. Apparently he’s getting some push back about that. It’s tricky but I learned a lot from Roman… Obviously, I think it’s exactly what #MeToo is about. As sisters and mothers and daughters, we are all aligned so that this kind of thing, putting a young girl in harm’s way, just simply wouldn’t happen.”
When asked if she’d work with the filmmaker in the future, “Yes, I think I would. To be quite honest I think I would. He’s now happily married; he has two children. I’m sure that he and the children have had some interesting conversations about it. He pled guilty. Does he regret it? I’m sure he does,” she says.
People will probably now call her a hypocrite, especially since she has been such an adamant supporter of #MeToo, however, Weaver says there is a difference between #MeToo and Polanski, “The #MeToo movement asks that we listen to those who’ve experienced sexual harassment or assault — really listen. So when Roman’s victim asks us all to move on with understanding and compassion, I choose to listen to her.”

Polanski had sex with Samantha Geimer, an underage teenage girl, back in 1977. Geimer has been telling news outlets to let it go and stop harassing Polanski for something that happened more than four decades ago, "I've grown up, why can't everybody else?" she recently tweeted.

This comes on the heels of news that Polanski has a new film brewing, this latest project would deal with a man accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Coincidence? Esquire condemned Polanski for even contemplating making such a movie; However, Geimer quickly lashed back at them:
Roman hardly needs a #MeToo comeback. This is all you’ve got Esquire, attacking a man who has apologize and made amends years ago?” she tweeted.
Pleaded guilty served his time,” Geimer continued. “Abused along with his ‘victim’ by the same insane judge. I’ve grown up, why can’t everyone else.” 

Geimer also spoke about the handwritten apology Polanski sent her: “It was really meaningful to the other people around me who care about me, which then made it really meaningful to me. Anything that can make my mom feel better is something I’m grateful for,” she said.