Scorsese regrets not directing every episode of his cancelled HBO series 'Vinyl'

TV shows tend to rarely have the same director directing every episode. Even the very best shows we've had, like "Breaking Bad," have had dozens of filmmakers take a crack at episodes. 
Speaking at the Rome Film Festival (via THR), Martin Scorsese showed regret in not directing every episode of his misbegotten HBO series “Vinyl."
“It was ultimately tragic for me because we tried for one year. I did the pilot. We tried for one year with HBO, but we couldn’t get the creative elements together,” Scorsese said. “It was something that I realized, in order to make it right…I think I would have had to direct every episode and be there for the three to four years.”
He then made the comparison to Paulo Sorrentino's “The Young Pope,” which was created, co-written, and directed by the Italian filmmaker, saying "If you do it, you do it right like Sorrentino does. You do everything. You do it all…If you don’t (want to make that commitment), you shouldn’t be making the series.”