Ryan Coogler to Write and Direct 'Black Panther' Sequel

THR is reporting that Ryan Coogler will write and direct a sequel to this year’s uber-successful “Black Panther.”
Michael B. Jordan is also set to star in the ‘Panther’ sequel. And so, you might ask, if Jordan’s character died in the first one, how is he going to star in this movie as well? My answer is rather simple, this is Marvel, nobody ever really dies forever.
Coogler is set to make megabucks for “Black Panther 2.” Good for him. Such a great timeline for the business aspect of his career. If you remember he got started back in 2013 with the little indie “Fruitvale Station,” which had hefty political context and was met with positive reviews. However, what really turned heads, including mine, was the way he shot those boxing sequences in “Creed 2,” Wowza! That really led me to believe this guy had something special, those long takes redefined the boxing genre.
After the success of “Creed 2” he decided to sign on for the most mass-marketed, safe entertainment imaginable over at Marvel. Oh, well. Money talks, but I do hope Coogler eventually goes back into making original statements post-Panther. Which is not to say “Black Panther 2” will disappoint by any means, although I had a generally mixed reaction with the first one, but, man, Marvel and Disney are just outright stealing all these young up and coming talents for their tentpole franchises. Imagine what the likes of Coogler, Rian Johnson, The Russos, and Taika Waititi could be making, instead of by-the-books, formula-driven superhero/Star Wars flicks they’ve signed on to for God knows how many years.