Roseanne reacts to her character's death on ABC show: 'I ain't dead bitches!'

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Roseanne Barr reacted on Tuesday night to the premiere of The Conners, ABC’s reboot of the hit series, which was cancelled after the actress/comedian was fired from the show earlier this year. 

The season premiere of the new series got down to business rather quickly by killing her character off a few seconds into the proceedings. The cause of death?  an opioid overdose -- Roseanne reacted on Twitter by saying, in all caps: “I AIN’T DEAD, BITCHES!!!!”

The original show, which had premiered earlier this year, struck a chord with many middle-class Americans, on both side of the political aisle, as it was about a world in which people could respectfully disagree with each other. However, even though that premise may have worked well on-screen, it didn't translate smoothly in real life as the political climate all but destroyed Roseanne after that controversial tweet arose.