Post ‘Star Wars: Episode IX', Oscar Isaac Is Taking the Year Off From Acting

If there's a harder working actor/actress than Oscar Isaac I plead for you to name him/her. 

Now that we've settled that, I do believe that the filmography Isaac has created this past decade cannot be touched by any other actor, safe, maybe, Joaquin Phoenix. You don't believe me? How else would you describe a career that in the past 6 years has given us "Inside Llewyn Davis," "A Most Violent Year," "Ex-Machina," and two "Star Wars" movies?

Isaac spoke to IndieWire yesterday at NYFF, as his latest film, the Vincent Van Gogh biopic "At Eternity's Gate" was having its North American premiere. The 39-year-old Guatemalan-born actor didn't hesitate in saying that he's zonked. In fact, he will take an entire year off from acting

“I haven’t really stopped for 10 years,” he said. “I’m just going to be with family and taking a bit of a rest.”

And yet, with all that being said, he still has two important movies being released in 2019: "Star Wars Episode IX" and, more importantly, J.C. Chandor's much-anticipated "Triple Frontier."