Michael Caine Supports Brexit, Calls EU “Fascist”

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You have to hand it to legendary British actor Michael Caine, the guy is ballsy enough to go against the political grain, that kind of talk is something that automatically comes with severe backlash in this day and age, especially if you're an actor in the film industry. It's that kind of toxic herd-like mentality that, whichever political party you may support, must never be supported. You may disagree with Caine's politics but why go batshit crazy over it? 

Of course, you may say, but this is politics, there's always going to be numerous sides battling it out, but that's exactly my point; can't we actually be civil and not resort to threats and childish insults, which is what Caine has been getting ever since he came out in support of the UK exiting the EU.

The 81-year-old actor again defended Brexit during a BBC radio interview, by saying, “I’d rather be a poor master of my fate than having someone I don’t know making me rich by running it.
What I see is I’m being ruled by people I don’t know, who no one elected, and I think of that as fascist,“ he said on Thursday, adding, ”In the long run, though, it’ll come around.
Caine has been known to support a 'Brexit' plan from the EU since the 2016 referendum. Britain is supposed to exit the EU on March 29, 2019, but Prime Minister Theresa May has hinted that they could just stay because of restrictive EU rules.
The backlash on Twitter was, shall we say, scathingly indictable, at least as far as Caine's detractors are concerned: