Louis C.K. Makes Another Surprise Appearance at Comedy Club; Garners Standing Ovation, Two People Walk Out.

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The now controversial comedian Louis C.K. made another surprise appearance at New York City's legendary Comedy Cellar Club on Sunday evening. The New York Post is reporting that the comedian prompted some audience walkouts but was nevertheless met with a standing ovation when he appeared on-stage. If you recall, C.K. had a similar surprise appearance on August 26, which prompted a Twitter meltdown, condemning him for daring to come out of his dark place, which was supposed to be a permanent stay according to his haters.  

These two appearances have been the only public appearances C.K. has made since last November. “A few women walked out,” a source told the NY Post's Page Six. “He didn’t address [the #MeToo allegations against him]. He was a little arrogant…he made some comment like, ‘I’ve been off for a while, ‘cause everyone needs a break.’ A source claims two people walked out of the Comedy Cellar when C.K made his appearance. 

My take on this 'controversy' is that if C.K. wants to perform at the comedy club, then let him perform. It's his right to do so, the comedy club has agreed it is fine and if anybody has a problem with it then they can just walk out. It's that simple. He's not Harvey Weinstein, he's not Bill Cosby, what he did is still disturbing and has consequences, but it didn't warrant any arrests, and if his fans have no problem watching him do his act, then what exactly is the problem?

I used to be a fan, but I just can't see him the same way anymore. His actions had the kind of consequences on me where I just can't really adhere to watching him try to make me laugh.