'Guardians' Actor Michael Rooker Says James Gunn’s Firing Was 'Terrible'; Confirms Gunn Will Direct ‘Suicide Squad’

'Guardians' Michael Rooker didn't mince words when it came to defending fired director James Gunn (via Comicbook.com). “It’s terrible, isn’t it? Yeah, but oh well, guess what? He’s on a gig already. ‘Suicide Squad,’ that’s right. He’s writing it and directing it as well,” Rooker said at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta.

It's good to hear some kind of confirmation that, indeed, Gunn is directing 'Suicide Squad 2.' Up to this point the DCEU and WB were, and are still, only confirming that Gunn is writing the screenplay with the 'possibility' of him directing the picture as well.