Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson To Star As John Henry In Netflix Movie

Step by step Netflix are planning their film industry takeover. At least, that's where it's headed. 

Netflix has convinced some of the most important Hollywood filmmakers and stars to make the jump to the small screen. After all, Hollywood execs from other major studios have all but killed the idea of giving highly talented directors the room for creative freedom.

It's not just Scorsese, the Coens, and Cuaron, but also other high-level directors such as Paul Greengrass, Jeremy Saulnier, David McKenzie, Noah Baumbach, J.C. Chandor, Andrew Dominik, and even, beyond the grave, Orson Welles that will be releasing Netflix original movies in the next few months. 

Even the action blockbuster, a genre that has prided itself in the past to be seen on the big screen, is making the jump. Last month Michael Bay signed a deal to direct his next film on Netflix and now The Rock has jumped on-board. 

Yes, Netflix has announced that they have partnered with Dwayne Johnson to develop and release a new action-adventure film titled “John Henry and The Statesmen.” 

The film will star Johnson as John Henry and be directed by his 'Jumanji' director Joe Johnston. Writer Tom Wheeler (“The Lego Ninjago Movie”) will be writing the script.