Bryan Singer Denies Allegations In Upcoming Esquire Exposée

There's a lot of talk about an upcoming Esquire article which will recap all of Bryan Singer‘s sexually promiscuous misdeeds, so today Singer decided to write a scathing rebuttal on his social media. 

In an Instagram post, Singer states, “I have known for some time that Esquire magazine may publish a negative article about me. They have contacted my friends, colleagues, and people I don’t even know.” He continues on by saying that the upcoming exposée is an example of a recurrent trend these days where “careers are being harmed by mere accusations.”

Singer has criticized the Esquire article as a “reckless disregard for the truth” and also as “fictional and irresponsible” journalism. 

The article is supposed to appear online later this week, which, incidentally or not, coincides with the opening, in two weeks, of Singer’s much-anticipated Freddy Mercury biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody." Singer claims this to be no coincidence and “conveniently timed." He is accusing Esquire in taking advantage of the upcoming release of 'Rhapsody' to sell more copies of their magazine.

Last fall, Bryan Singer was fired from his directorial duties on “Bohemian Rhapsody” due to his erratic on- and off- set behavior, which included not showing up to work on numerous occasions. Singer was replaced by actor-turned-director Dexter Fletcher (“Eddie the Eagle” ), despite more than half the film already shot and in the can. 

As for the allegations, here's a little recap that I wrote a few months ago:

"After directing the Oscar-winning hit “The Usual Suspects,” Singer was a hot commodity in Hollywood. However, only a year after winning the statuette, in 1997, a 14-year-old extra accused the director of asking him and other minors to film a shower scene naked for “Apt Pupil.” The suit was dismissed for insufficient evidence."

"Since then, rumors have always been abounding in Hollywood about Singer, but not many “victims” would come forward. Did the “Apt Pupil” incident scare people away? It wasn’t enough to scare actor Michael Egan III whom, in April of 2014, accused Singer of sexual assault in an incident that occurred in 1999. Singer had allegedly drugged and raped Egan, who was a minor, in Hawaii and Los Angeles at the time of “Apt Pupil.” Singer denied the accusations, proclaiming them to be “outrageous, vicious, and completely false.” The suit was withdrawn by Egan, but another surfaced from a British man alleging similar behavior around the time of “Superman Returns.” Nonetheless, Singer continued making movies."