Blumhouse Founder On Why He Hasn't Hired Women Filmmakers: “There Aren't A Lot Of Female Directors, Period”

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You've got to hand it to Jason Blum, founder of Blumhouse Productions which has released the likes of "Get Out," "The Purge," "Insidious," "Split" and "Paranormal Activity." He's just telling it like it is. 

The company has been criticized with not really having had female filmmakers direct its horror-centered films. Blum was grilled the other day about this subject in an interview with Polygon. Why doesn't he have more women filmmakers working for him? The answer, according to Blum, is rather simple, there just aren't that many:

“There are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror,” Blum continues. “I’m a massive admirer of [‘The Babadook’ director] Jennifer Kent. I’ve offered her every movie we’ve had available. She’s turned me down every time.”

He then goes on to namecheck directors he's spoken to that have not shown interest to any Blumhouse productions films, the likes of Karyn KusamaSarah Gertrude ShapiroKatie AseltonMimi LederZoe Lister-Jones, and Lynn Ramsay.

No backlash needed. Facts are facts and Blum is transparent about his need to progress.