Xavier Dolan's next movie will be the Quebec-produced "Matthias & Maxine"

Xavier Dolan’s English-language debut “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan” will premiere at TIFF next week and the buzz so far been stilted by production issues, which included the total axing of Jessica Chastain's role during the editing process. Despite all that, 'Donovan' still has a fantastic cast which include Natalie PortmanKit HarringtonSusan SarandonKathy Bates, and Jacob Tremblay.
Whether the film is greeted with positive notices or not, don't expect Dolan to slow down. According to new reports, the writer-director is already shooting his next film, titled “Matthias & Maxime,” which will have him going back to his Quebecois roots.  We have no details on the plot, but Twitter has posted official photos which have a bunch of millennials partying it up in a living room. The tweet also mentions the cast, which will include Dolan, Anne DorvalAntoine-Olivier PilonGabriel D’Almeida FreitasPier-Luc FunkSamuel GauthierAdib AlkhalideyCatherine Brunet, and Marilyn Castonguay.
The last Dolan I saw was the abominable "It's Only the End of the World," which caused him to have a few tantrums at Cannes, including his claim that he would not bring 'Donovan' the the festival, which he clearly hasn't since it has bypassed every fest for TIFF.