Director Dan Fogelman Backtracks on His Blaming White Male Critics for Poor 'Life Itself' Reviews

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Los Angeles Times interview with "Life Itself" director Dan Fogelman has the filmmaker backtracking on his previous comments, made a few days ago, blaming his film's terrible reviews on “white male critics who don’t like anything that has emotion.” As I had pointed out at the time, of the 19 female film critics that reviewed "Life Itself," 17 were rotten, just two were positive. 

Anyway, now Fogelman is just blaming critics in general: “I think I just have a wildly different creative palette than the cynical film critic” Fogelman told the LAT. “And that’s OK. I like different things than they like sometimes but not — not in a bad way. My hope is that it will be warmly received in that way and kind of be able to split the difference of both worlds the way that [‘This Is Us’] has.”

“Obviously, it’s always disappointing, especially when it happens to something so personal to you,” he adds. “But it’s the life I’ve chosen: Critics have generally been kind to me over the years, and part of the gig is that you don’t get to pick and choose when you get to listen.”

Mr. Fogelman, you are sadly mistaken thinking that just because television critics and audiences have resorted to liking your mawkish melodramatics, that sophisticated-minded film enthusiasts will jump onboard as well. It's not about film critics being cynical, it's about our tastes being more refined than your token network TV crowd.