David Lynch on movie tweet reactions: “Unless you’re a poet, words will fail you.”

Guilty as charged. Sometimes, just to keep up with the critical zeitgeist, I will tweet out my thoughts about a film the moment I leave the movie theater. I don't like doing it, great films usually need time to be processed, but at film festivals it's almost a requirement that comes with job, especially if you're at the world premiere. I'll admit, I've been tempted to stop this practice, especially since, from time to time,  my opinion has evolved and slightly changed on films I had originally tweeted about. 

Of course, it takes David Lynch to slap me sideways and increase the guilt of perpetrating such abhorrent journalistic action. Speaking at his Festival of Disruption in New York City, Lynch lashed out at immediate 280 character film tweet:

“You finish a film these days and right away you have this pressure to write about it in words,” Lynch said (IndieWire). “Unless you’re a poet, words will fail you.”

Of course, I always refer back to this video of people coming out of "Eraserhead" back when the film was released in 1977. The bewilderment, and confusion the film had on audiences back then is marvelously shown. You think any of these folks changed their tune on the film after thinking about it a little more? Quite possibly.