'Crazy Rich Asians' Tops Box-Office for Third Week in a Row, passes $100M mark

'Crazy Rich Asians' keep chuggin' along at the weekend box-office. For a third weekend in a row the John Chu-directed picture topped the box-office by not really losing much momentum and making close to $22M over labor day weekend. The lack of major new releases definitely helped in that regard, 'Asians' has now made $112M domestically, a hell of an accomplishment, especially for a film touted as the having an All-Asian cast, unheard of in Hollywood as its been close to 25 years since the last film to feature such a cast (1993's "The Joy Luck Club.") 

A major push by the mainstream media certainly helped Chu's film achieve that goal and so did excellent reviews, almost all of which emphasized the historic nature of the production. 

"But this weekend makes it likely that it will easily hit $165 million, and easily become the second biggest non-franchise/sequel release of the year (at the moment, “A Quiet Place” is best at $188 million)."