Touching & Tense ‘Searching’ Turns A Gimmicky Premise Into Something Cinematic

A few months ago I had really liked the inventive and entertaining 'Searching, [Opening in theaters today] which has been dubbed as the movie “that’s completely set on a computer screen.” Ok, fine. However, an inventive gimmick can only go so far if the story doesn’t involve or make you care for the stakes at hand. Making his feature-debut, Aneesh Chaganty, a former Google commercials creator, overcomes those hurdles with this touching and tense movie worthy of Hitchcock. As a father tries to scramble and find his missing daughter, “Search” uses all the technological forms of communication to make a taut, tense and terrific thriller. If this is in fact how some stories will be told in the eventual future then so be it, the potential is there.