'The Florida Project' Director Sean Baker Planning to Make Two Films Back-to-Back in 2019

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In an interview conducted with Screen Daily at the Locarno film festival, where he is part of the competition jury, "Flordia Project' and "Tangerine" maestro Sean Baker said he has two films currently in development and that he's planning on shooting them both in 2019.
“There’s two films that we’re thinking of doing,” he said. “We may do them back-to-back because I’m very bad at jumping into editing. I always need distance. With every film I’ve had producers and financiers who don’t mind me taking six months off before editing. This time we thought ‘maybe let’s make two films back to back and edit them both.’ ” 
Just like his first two features, Baker is taking inspiration in the form of countless road trips smack-dab at the heart of rural America. 
Baker said: “It’s helping us find the next story. We’re taking road trips, I’m trying to find the next location. We’ve done some of that already. It’s been very productive. It looks like we’re going to settle on a city that I’ve never shot in before.”
Just like "Tangerine" Baker is also hinting at another film shot on an iPhone. “I refuse to use digital,” he said. “There’s no reason to use digital unless you’re going with a phone because most digital is trying to emulate film anyway. So we’re trying to figure out that and write the script. We’re looking to shoot next year.”
And what about that about that second 2019 film?
“It will definitely be contemporary, I don’t know if it will be the US but it will definitely be a statement on the US. I would like to shine a light on something we are aren’t doing right in the US by showing where it is being done right somewhere else. It will definitely be a microcosm.”