Orson Welles' daughter Beatrice on Netflix releasing "The Other Side of the Wind": "My father would have hated it"

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[A big thanks to Jeffrey Wells over at HE for the heads-up]

Beatrice Wells and her relationship with dad Orson has been the stuff of speculative disagreement for decades, even coming from the main source herself. Beatrice told Scott Mantz, a few years ago, that Orson “Was the best father in the world,”  And yet, here she is, less than three weeks before Welles’ long gestating project "The Other Side of the Wind" premieres at the Venice Film Festival, Beatrice has decided that he wasn't good father after all..
Bryan Appleyard of the Sunday Times‘ has quoted Beatrice as saying she will be going to Venice but that “It’s not what I wanted for it, it’s not my movie, it was never my movie, I just had better ideas about how it could end.” Uh-huh. And…?
“I have to talk about it, and I have to be Orson Welles’ daughter,” Beatrice goes on. “I really honestly can’t tell the truth on this one. I hope I’m going to be writing a book finally, and I hope I’m allowed to tell the truth of what’s going on behind that movie.”
"[The Other Side of the Wind] is in the hands [of people] my father would have hated.” 
A little bit of jealousy? Does Beatrice hate the fact that she had no power whatsoever to be part of the creative team for "The Other Side of the Wind" project?