Louis C.K. makes surprise stand-up appearance at NYC's famous Comedy Cellar, Twitter cries "Blasphemy!"

Late last year Louis C.K. was facing multiple sexual harassment claims against him (five women in a report by The New York Times) and even refused to lawyer up. Suffice to say, the industry swiftly backed away from the director, actor, and writer, but is his career done? 

His movie "I Love You, Daddy," which he wrote, directed and starred in, was scrapped from release with its original studio, The Orchard, parting ways with the comedian. Netflixalso cancelled a C.K. stand-up special they had lined up.

Last night, C.K. came out of hiding and appeared at NYC's famous Comedy Cellar for an impromptu 15 minute stand-up gig. Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman told the Times’ Melena Ryzik that “there can’t be a permanent life sentence on someone who does something wrong.”
The crux of the C.K. allegations had to do with the 50-year-old comedian's knack for chronic public masturbation. Yes, Good ol' Louis would whip out his lizard and just start stroking it whenever he had a woman to himself backstage. Of course, this kind of harassment isn't rape or stalking or fondling but it is disturbing behavior. It could easily traumatize people who witness it. Nevertheless, why can't he make a comeback? I condemn C.K.'s actions and do find his actions repulsive but he's not a murderer, he's not even a rapist, I more than welcome his return and hope that he uses the insane controversy to make some kind of therapeutic comedy out of it.
News of his comeback, and Ryzki's comments, didn't sit well on Twitter (does anything in the world appear fine and dandy for the chronic, rage-obsessed fiends that roam the Twitterverse?) CK was condemned for appearing out in public and doing his act. They are shouting "How dare he!!!" What do these people expect? For C.K. to be miserable the rest of his days? This isn't Weinstein or Cosby we're talking about here.