Jeremy Saulnier's "Hold the Dark" to Premiere on Netflix September 28th

have been a fervent fan of Jeremy Saulnier's ever since I saw his 2014 crime classic "Blue Ruin." He followed that up with a viscerally brutal delve into the Punk/Nazi underground with 2016's“Green Room.” Suffice to say, at a time when most studios are balking at any kind of personal vision being brought forth to the big-screen, Saulnier is managing to build an auteur career. 
It's no surprise then, that given the limitations of today's industry for green-lighting non-franchise fare, that Saulnier has decided to team-up with Netflix for his next movie "Hold the Dark."

This latest venture into hell from Saulnier follows a wolf expert that travels to an Alaskan villageto investigate the disappearances of three children, who may or may not have been killed by wolves.
“This film has so many firsts for me,” Saulnier said (via EMPIRE). “It has my record number of intimate dialogue scenes and my highest body count. It has my first war scene, my first aerial sequence, my first time working extensively with animals. So in that regard it was a huge challenge.”
Alexander Skarsgård and Jeffrey Wright star in the film, which was supposed to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but the feud between Netflix and the fest prevented it from showing up on the red steps. There has also been no word on a pre-release festival showing, which surprises me to no end. Why not bring it to TIFF? The Midnight madness program this year could have used Saulnier's pedigree. Doesn't look like it will happen. Now, the film will have a Netflix premiere on September 28.