Is Asia Argento a 'Hypocrite'? It's actually much more complicated than that.

I'm sure you've heard by now about this 8.19 N.Y. Times story which exposes Asia Argent's 'hypocrisy,' if you want to call it that. After all the peddling she did to expose Harvey Weinstein and be at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, she ends being one of the guilty parties as well? 
The NYT reports that Argento paid, what Jeff Welles over at HE likes to call, "a go-away fee" of $380K to former child actor Jimmy Bennett. In 2013 Bennett accused Argento of sexual assault, he had just turned 17. Argento supposedly manipulated Bennett into oral sex submission and then sex. Many are comparing it to the Kevin Spacey assault of Anthony Rapp, but who knows how similar both incidents actually were. There shouldn't be a double standard here whether it's a male or female aggressor, right?
The word 'hypocrite' is being used a lot today in relation to Argento's behavior, But what she went through with Harvey Weinstein should be taken into a whole other context. There's no doubt in my mind Weinstein took advantage of her, but it was also shown that she played along with him and texted him after the incident(s), so who knows. 

Oh, and if you think Asia's BFF, and fellow #MeToo consigliori, Rose McGowan will back up her friend then think again. A THR write up from today has McGowan quoted as saying her "heart is broken" over the Argento/Bennett debacle. 

That's the thing about today's accusatory social media zeitgeist, you just don't know what lie is being purported as truth and what truth is being purported as a lie. You just need to play along. I don't. As Bruce Sprinsgteen said in his incredibly relevant song 'Magic,' about the Iraq/Dubya era, "trust none of what you hear and even less of what you see."