'Guardians' Dave Bautista continues his mocking of Disney, claims James Gunn's firing is part of their plan to MAGA

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Disney made a final decision about James Gunn last week, they won't rehire him, but all I could think about was how Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, would react to the news. Bautista has been very vocal in his discontent with how Disney treated the beleaguered writer-director of 'Guardians,' even going as far as saying that the director was set-up by 'cyber-Nazis' and that, if Gunn's screenplay wasn't used, he might quit his contract. 
Well, Gunn isn't being rehired, will Bautista insist on Disney letting him go of his 'Guardians 3' contract? We do know that rumors are all over the place as to whether or not Gunn's screenplay will be used. Who knows, but Bautista continued to mock Disney over the weekend in a new tweet which proclaimed “Thanks @Disney!! Making America great again!”

The Donald Trump connection stems from Bautista adamantly insisting that Gunn was set-up by conservatives, the aforementioned 'cybernazis', looking to oust the outspoken anti-Trump director. Conservative pundit Mike Cernovich was front and center in the Gunn controversy, unearthing some decade-old offensive tweets which made jokes about pedophilia and rape.
Of course, Disney has a lot to lose if they wish to let go of Bautista's contract, that decision would further isolate fans of the series who are still reeling over Gunn's departure. Bautista being the next to go would be a major blow for the Mouse House. However, Bautista consistently taunting his bosses on Twitter is a risk that the actor seems to be thinking is worth taking. I'm sure Bautista isn't in their good graces at the moment, especially since his other 'Guardians' co-stars have a been a little more reserved in their criticisms. Alas, I'm looking forward to his next tweet.