"Arizona" is very watchable because of Danny McBride

I do think I was a little harsh when it came to my review of the Danny McBride starring vehicle "Arizona." I had given it a C+ but, upon further reflection, maybe a B- would have sufficed because, you see, I'm an unabashed Danny McBride cheerleader. Any movie he's in I will probably give a shot. Don't ask me why.  The Danny McBride hall-of-fame will always be the triumphantly brilliant arrogance he perpetrated in "This is the End," and "Pineapple Express." 

Anyway, add in Rosemary DeWitt into "Arizona" and how bad can the movie possible be? Don't consider this necessarily a recommendation but "Arizona" is very watchable, mostly due to its two leads. As I had written back in January: "The potential of this movie’s premise might have been squandered by cliches, but McBride and DeWitt keep it watchable." Especially McBride.

“Arizona” is in theaters on August 24th.