Trailer: Yorgos Lanthimos is back with "The Favourite" Starring Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz

Yorgos Lanthimos is a director that doesn’t mind bewildering and angering audiences. With "Dogtooth" and "The Lobster" he made brilliantly dissected and scathing satires of the patriarchal family. He was it again last year with "The Killing of A Sacred Deer," which all, but confirmed him as a sort of Bunuel for the 21st Century. I thought that film was his least successful attempt at provocation, but his latest entitled "The Favourite" looks fantastic.

There are no winners in Lanthimos’ world, so beware. 

He stole a lot from The Shining in his last movie, this one looks like "Barry Lyndon," at least in the visual department.
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