Timothee Chalamet rumored to join Denis Villeneuve's "Dune"

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In my world, Frank Herbert‘s “Dune” will always be associated with Lynch‘s botched cinematic adaptation. I remember really getting into Lynch around the early '90s but being warned about his take on Herbert's novel. It was said to be the nadir of his career. However, I still gave it a shot because, after all, how bad can it be if it was directed by the "Wizard of Odd" himself. 

I can still remember that feeling of watching it and being totally crushed by how bad "Dune" was. The film didn't work at almost every possible artistic level. 
I know the book is great and deserves better than having a legacy live through the stench of that Lynch adaptation. And so, I welcome Denis Villeneuve‘s ambitious, risk-taking endeavor to take another shot at Herbert on the silver screen.
Deadline's Mike Fleming is reporting that Villeneuve may have found his star lead in Timothee Chalamet.